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With SDK data on over 5.8M Apps, we scan every app daily to get the most accurate and up to date SDK Insights. Over 2,900 SDKs identified and new ones added every week.

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SDK intelligence for Caviar app

Look at an app's tech stack

Discover which SDKs millions of apps have installed.
See the evolution of your competitor's mobile tech stack.

  • Correlate SDK installs with spikes in performance
  • Understand which SDK functions are installed
  • Build custom reports to know which apps are using
    (or not using) specific SDKs

SDK intelligence showing how many installs Swift has, which categories are its most popular, and more

Identify who has an SDK installed

Apptopia’s app-level SDK recognition data is rolled
up to the service provider level. Now, you can see
how many installs Swift has, which categories are its
most popular, and the apps that recently installed
or uninstalled their SDK.

SDK penetration by category across iTunes and Google Play stores

Vendor intelligence for global app stores

Quickly see which categories make up the most installs and drive
the most usage across iTunes and Google Play stores.

  • Know the SDKs total reach and number of current installs
  • Understand penetration by category
  • Download the lists of apps associated with each category
  • See which apps recently installed or uninstalled the SDK
  • Analyze the SDKs most notable customers

Collection methodology

We currently collect SDK data every single day via two methods:

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Binary Analysis

We download every new app or every app which pushed out a new release, every day. We download, decompile, decrypt, and analyze the code for these apps so we can see what SDKs / tools are installed or uninstalled.


API Analysis

We run all of these apps through an emulation environment. We then listen for what API calls those apps are making so that we can see which SDKs they are actually using (vs just what's installed).

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Chief of Staff, Chartboost