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Explore demographics

App demographic data provides insight into the age and gender breakdown of any apps’ user base,
including the average ratings by these cohorts over the last 30 days.

Better understand your target audience by looking at app demographic data like average age and average rating
Better understand your target audience by looking at app demographic data like gender

Better understand your target audience and identify data-driven user acquisition campaigns.

Product Teams
Analyze demographic trends to inform feature development and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Know the typical age range and gender of your competitors' users
  • Inform product development by analyzing demographic preferences
  • Analyze how various age ranges and genders tend to rate specific apps
  • Create data-driven marketing strategies by understanding the target audience

Look at cross app usage

Cross app usage data chart shows apps, overlap index, and app category

Look at cross app usage

Identify apps with overlapping audiences to understand what
else users are likely to download and inform your strategy.

Did you know 1 in 10 Match users also use Tinder? Your date may
not really be looking for something serious! Using audience data,
the User Graph tool identifies the apps likely to be downloaded
by any app’s users. Filter by category to understand your competitors’
user base and your audience’s preferences. Equipped with this
knowledge, brands spot new advertising opportunities and stay
ahead of emerging consumer interests and trends.

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The data looked good, especially on the longer term trends.
More accurate than the competition.


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